Board Game Cafe

Take a look around the site for support and inspiration whilst you’re visiting our cafe. No idea what you’d like to play? We’ve created some “Playlists” to help!

What have we got?

All of our games are split into different categories.

Green games are easier, lighter games.

Amber are a little more complex and typically take a little longer.

Red are our most complex games which can take much longer to set up and play – a lot of them are table fillers!

There are a few sneaky extra categories dotted across the shelves – have a look and see what you can find!

Need some help?


We’ve trawled through Youtube to find the best “How to Play” guides. If you’re stuck, check these out or ask your volunteers!


We’ve curated some different playlists based on the games we’ve got available. Only got an hour? Check out the shorter games playlist. Come as a large group? See which ones work well with higher players.

Become a Volunteer

Are you interested in board games and want to help out? Contact us and let us know!